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Commercial Software

iConv The Android Coordinate Converter
(available on Android Market)
There is also a free release!
Snake Free Take a break! Try my Snake game!
(free on Android Market)

Open Source Software

JBuddy A simple java development environment
Gtk-Server Wrapper Gtk-Server wrapper for Common Lisp
Coordinate Converter Coordinate Converter using Proj
SQLite Query Tool Simple SQLite graphical query tool
FreeBASIC Project Manager Project Manager for FreeBASIC Projects
LeoDBC A Design-by-contract layer for Java
Euphoria TCL Wrapper RapidEuphoria TCL Wrapper
Ultimate++ Recipes Some recipes useful with Ultimate++
LeoForth A Forth implementation in Java
GPCP Ant Task An ant task for the Gardens Point
Component Pascal CPMake tool


Modular buckyball I've taken some shots while realizing it

Latest update: 14/12/2011